Growth Hacking Consultant


How can I help you?

How I work

  • As a growth hacking consultant I work with up to 2 or 3 customers at the same time, so that I can offer the maximum quality to all customers. When my schedule is full, I do not accept new assignments and I only work with exciting, challenging assignments.
  • I believe in the power of a personal way of working. When you become my client, it means that I am always ready for you and will fully immerse myself in the problems and growth of your company.
  • I don’t like endless discussions. That is why I always try to start experimenting as quickly as possible. The outcome of fast, small experiments can surpass any discussion, because that reflects what the customer really wants.
  • Positive outcome = Scaling up. Negative outcome = Learn and move on. Time is your most valuable asset. If an experiment shows that something doesn’t work then you have to learn from it and then stop spending time on it, and if something turns out to work then you have to make full use of it.

My services

Growth Hacking Consultancy

85,- euro / hour

In this form, I’ll be helping you understand Growth as a new concept step-by-step. How to find your business’ weaknesses, how to solve those weaknesses, how does the process work week-to-week and how should you use data, marketing and tech as a resource to grow your business. I’ll be your personal Growth Hacking Expert for a minimum of 3 months.

This package is highly applicable for corporate innovation managers, young growth hacking agencies and marketing-departments.

Growth Hacking Workshop

starting at 750,- euro / daypart.

I regularly provide interactive, practical workshops for groups of 10-25 people. I take the participants through complex topics in 2 to 8 hours. At the end of the session the participants have actionable knowledge and a process to get started. I am a trained facilitator and have given over 100+ workshops thanks to my previous companies and clients.

1-on-1 Growth Session

700,00 euro

In one day we identify your biggest opportunities – and the weaknesses that stop the growth of your business. During this session I will show you how you can make improvements yourself and we make several improvements on your website, traffic-channels and / or internal conversion.

Hire me as a Growth Hacking Speaker

Depending on format. See speaker page

20-30 times a year I am hired to speak at conferences, meetups and podcasts. I provide a combination of inspiration, motivation and new knowledge, all at the same time.

Do you want free advice?

Free (once)

I often work with entrepreneurs who are stuck and don’t know how to get to the next level. They need a growth hacking consultant who helps them to the next step. Do you want to grow faster, but do not know exactly how? Then I will help you on the basis of concrete points for improvement.

  • "I experienced the period that I worked with Ward as very pleasant. Ward is a professional expert who provides clear advise and explains different topics in a way that everyone can understand."

    Rowan Stapelbroek
    Rowan Stapelbroek Marketing Manager, Prison Escape