My latest ‘Growth Snacks’ 🍬

This is a list of my favorite articles that I have read in recent times called Ward’s Growth Snacks. Not necessarily Growth Hacks, but good articles to read! 😉 These are articles that deal with any part of Growth Hacking, SEO, Conversion Optimization, Content, Data, Copywriting, Sales, Marketing, etc ..

I also made this list because I regularly get the question “How do I keep up to date with the latest developments?“. Well, one time I run into a problem and I look for a solution, and the other time I just read something interesting on one of my favorite blogs or I see an article on (I definitely recommend having a look there!).

When I read something interesting, I always save those items in my Pocket. If I have some time left, such as in the train or in the evening on the couch, then read (or usually ‘scan’) these articles and I forward them to acquaintances for whom this can be useful.

Nowadays I have a number of web addresses that I know always have good content. These are the following blogs or youtube channels: Moz ‘Whiteboard Friday’s (especially those by Rand Fishkin), Nick Kolenda, Kevin Indig, Growth Tribe’s Insight Episodes by David Arnoux, Ferdinand Goetzen (Head of Growth at Recruitee) and the Ahrefs blog.

A big thank you and shout out to all these content-creators! 🙏And without further ado…

My favorite articles from recent times:

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